Hi All,

I just received this email and throught it would be great experience for anyone interested.


Hi, my name is Zak Jarvis and I’m a filmmaking student at Leeds Beckett. I’m currently developing a feature film based on my great grandad’s experiences as a p.o.w in WWII. He was in the 8th Army fighting in Egypt when he was captured by Italian forces and taken to Italy and held as a prisoner of war for several years, when Italy surrendered to us, the prisoners were free, however the ministry of defence ordered them to stay in their p.o.w camps and wait for the Allied troops which had recently landed in the south. Unfortunately, the allies took too long and the Nazis had most of Italy occupied so 50,000 prisoners were taken by cattle train to camps in Germany. My Grandad (Ernest) and his best friend Harry along with many others, jumped off of a train carrying them to Germany and managed to escape through the woods. A few died trying, most were malnourished and injured, they came across a farm where an Italian family took them in and hid them in their barn from the Nazis. My Grandad fell in love with an Italian woman and stayed there for many years, working on the farm and getting food and a bed in return, when the war was over, he returned to England, making it to age 87 before passing.

I am looking for a keen VFX supervisor and artists to composite in some military vehicles and do some matte paintings/set extensions (we will be shooting on a farm in yorkshire so I plan on compositing in some alps into the background). It will be shot on cinema standard cameras with real actors/budget. Although it is extremely low budget so I wouldn’t be able to pay anyone unless the film gets sold/distributed then everyone will receive their fair share. But we wont just hand over the footage and expect magic to happen, we’ll develop it together from the start. Please could you put the word out and see if anyone is interested or recommend anyone, and drop me an email on this address.

Cheers, Zak


Please email Zak directly


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