I have just received the info below.  Might be worth a go and sounds like a relatively short project.



Award winning northern film company ALTRUISM PICTURES are on the look out for a CGI student for their latest short film ‘To Catch a Butterfly’

Directed by SIMON RAWSON – who won best short film at this years RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL as part of the ’48 Hour Film Challenge’

SYNOPSIS – An autistic man and his abusive brother spend the weekend on a hiking trip to settle a family feud once and for all. A Dark, edgy and character driven film that will get under your nails.

This exciting new project will outline abusive violence in the family and is sure to make a hit within festivals worldwide.

We will be needing a realistic butterfly in around three scenes. it will predominantly be flying but on one scene it will land on the actors shoulder.

A credit will be offered on the film as leading special affects.

My number is 07772641375 if you need more information.

Thank you

Lee D Barnes


Altruism Pictures


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